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Reading Eggspress Stadium

Students practice spelling, grammar and vocabulary fluency in timed games against their peers at class, school and world levels. It offers fun and exciting repetitive practice in a low risk environment, building confidence and promoting language play.

Studies have shown that students need practice to become proficient users of the English language. It is the practice of spelling patterns, grammar and vocabulary that facilitates fluency and a more nuanced usage of the language. Interactive online games offer teachers distinct advantages where students can practice the same skill in different iterations in a low-risk environment. This builds confidence for language learners and this confidence has wide ranging benefits for their engagement in school.

"Game-based approaches present an excellent opportunity to engage students in activities which can enhance learning and produce a range of educational benefits." (Jen Groff, Cathrin Howells and Sue Cranmer, 2010)

The Reading Eggspress Stadium is an area where students can practice their skills to build fluency against different opponents from around the world. Interactive, bright, and engaging, students enter a virtual stadium atmosphere where their avatars become athletes. Leaderboards for World, Class and School show running totals for all competitions and these refresh every week.

Students are automatically set to play at their grade level, with two levels of difficulty at each grade. Students play against their peers – they can choose their class, their school (multiple classes, same grade level) or the world (same grade level). They can also practice skills against the computer. Students can choose to play easy, on grade level, or difficult, a stretch within their grade level to earn bonus points.

There are four events – Spelling Sprint, Grammar Skating, Vocabulary Pursuit and Freestyle Usage. Each event has two parts that requires students to identify parts of language in different ways. There are hundreds of questions at each grade level to ensure students are flexing their language muscles in different ways.

Reading Eggspress Stadium Components

  • 4 content areas games – spelling, grammar, vocabulary and usage
  • 2 levels of difficulty
  • 4 player games – play class, school, world or computer
  • Thousands of practice questions organised into grade levels
  • Leader boards for World, Class and School