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Lessons Overview

My Lessons

Children learn a range of comprehension strategies that enable them to access increasingly difficult and challenging literature and nonfiction texts. Children can start by completing a placement test which places them at an appropriate level within the program. Each lesson has 5 or 6 pre-reading activities that build comprehension strategies, then an extract is read, followed by a 10- or 16-question comprehension quiz.

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English Skills

The English Skills section includes 216 spelling lessons, which teach children to spell while improving reading, writing and comprehension skills, using a combination of videos, interactive activities, rewards-based games, and 432 printable worksheets (2 per lesson). The lessons focus on common spelling rules, generalisations and strategies, ending with an assessment test. The program includes a variety of instructional strategies including visual memory, definitions, word families, word sorts and proofreading with differentiated word lists. The adaptive lessons allow children to progress through three levels of difficulty.

The Stadium

Children practice their spelling, grammar and vocabulary fluency in timed games against different opponents from around the world. Children enter a virtual stadium atmosphere where their avatars become athletes. Leader boards show running totals for all competitions and these refresh every week. Children are automatically set to play at their grade level, with two levels of difficulty at each grade.

There are four events – Spelling Sprint, Grammar Skating, Vocabulary Pursuit and Freestyle Usage with hundreds of questions at each grade level to ensure children are flexing their language muscles in different ways.


The Reading Eggspress library has more than 3000 reading levelled and Lexile levelled books for reading ages 5 to 12+ years. The wide range of library titles include illustrated chapter books, full color nonfiction books and a range of classics.

Shorter, easier books, include a quiz at the end of the title, to ensure comprehension of the text. These early titles have a 5 or 10 question quiz, which when completed earns the child golden eggs and trading cards.

The chapter books in the library have a 6-question quiz presented at the end of each chapter. Completing chapter quizzes earns children golden eggs, with trading cards awarded when a child has completed every chapter and shown comprehension of each title.