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Choose a free sample lesson below to try out an activity from Reading Eggspress. Each activity below forms one part of an individual lesson in the program.

Rex 26

Lesson 26 – Part 3

The Word Trees activity is designed to help children build their vocabulary. They are presented with three topics and are asked to choose associated words. Try Lesson 26
Rex 32

Lesson 32 — Part 4

The Pictures Have Feelings Too activity develops visual literacy and comprehension skills. Children look carefully and critically at the illustrations in order to determine how the character is feeling. Try Lesson 32
Rex 140

Lesson 140 — Part 7

This is an extract from the non-fiction book Biggest Highest Fastest. Children can enjoy reading the e-book and answering the quiz that follows. Try Lesson 140
Rex 199

Lesson 199 — Part 2

The Dictionary activity requires children to locate 3 words in the online dictionary and read detailed definitions. Children then show that they understand the word meanings and how they are used. Try Lesson 199